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The Visitors

Short story illustration

ink drawing

© David John 1985
The Visitors, illustration by David John  

Every picture tells a story - illustrations

Maybe a well-written story, song or poem should not really need illustrations: surely the images we can conjure up in our own minds should be marvellous enough.

But don't tell anybody that, or I'll be out of work.

The Visitors

Newspaper short story illustration

ink drawing © David John 1985

Occasionally, the daily newspaper The Athens Star, where I worked as a journalist and designer, published a light-hearted story - a welcome break from the usual diet of news and feature articles.

This story by David Lazarus, one of our editors, is a modern take on an old fairy tale in which wee creatures help a poor old cobbler by stealing out of their hiding places at night to make beautiful shoes for him as he sleeps.

Here we witness a moment of surprise as the modern householder's flashlight catches the eyes of the little people hiding in a mousehole. The cat looks like it's seen a ghost. What a scaredy cat.

I also drew this scene from the point of view of the magic folk. Must dig it out sometime.
  The Visitors
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