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"Lazarus in space"

Short story illustration

ink drawing

© David John 1985
David Lazarus in space, illustration by David John  

"Lazarus in space"

Newspaper short story illustration

ink drawing © David John 1985

Another illustration for a short story by newspaper editor David Lazarus (see The Visitors on the previous page).

This time the narrator finds himself in a Star Wars fantasy. There's a hint of David himself here: his blond curly locks, striped shirt and the chunky manual Yugoslavian typewriters we worked with at The Athens Star. We didn't have such posh cups and saucers though, and our office chairs were nowhere near as hi-tech or comfortable as this one looks. Here our hero is startled out of his creative reverie by the blasts of laser beams from warring spaceships.

May the force be with you, David, wherever in the cosmos you may be.
  David Lazarus in space
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