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My Favourite Planet   the online world travel guide my-favourite-planet.com
Ursa Major   graphic design for print and internet ursa-major.de
Hugh Featherstone   singer songwriter featherstone.de
Carlo Domeniconi   composer and guitarist carlo-domeniconi.com
Konstanze Gundudis   Eurythmist and lecturer gundudis.de
Francis Caruso   artist in Athens, Greece francis-caruso.de
Birgit Hering   eurythmy, theatre, cultural projects birgithering.de
Ulrike Markert   artist in Berlin markert-art.net
The Mysterious Edwin Drood   blog author: Edwin Drood's Column drood.my-favourite-planet.de
David John - artist, photographer and graphic designer in Berlin
Hugh Featherstone - musician, songwriter, guitarist My Favourite Planet, the online world travel guide Carlo Domeniconi, composer and guitarist Theater Bunte Büchse Berlin The artist Francis Caruso
Examples of art, design, photography and writing
by David John can now be found at: