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"Crystal Christmas"

multilingual New Year card

computer drawing

© David John 2007
Crystal Christmas, New Year's card by David John

"Crystal Christmas"

computer drawing, 2007

While some Christmases do seem to go on forever (see "Infinite Christmas card"), others appear to have passed me by completely. 2007 was one of those years in which there was always so much to do that I ended up working right up until Christmas Eve: a real slog. Afterwards, I was so exhausted that I didn't have much energy left for much Yuletide yo ho ho.

Around October I had started working on an animated Christmas card design with the idea of combining ice and snow crystal forms into a moving mandala. This proved more time-consuming than anticipated, and as I had so much other work to do, I had to abandon it - for the moment (as they say).

Since Christmas had already come and gone, I decided to use a part of one of the many preparatory drawings from the "Crystal Christmas" project and turn it into a multi-lingual New Year's card. Well, I guess, better late than never...

The languages on the card, from the top, left-right: French, Greek, Welsh, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian
  Crystal Christmas
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