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"Santa's Christmas cheer"

Christmas 1991

ink and Caran D'ache

© David John 1991
Santa's Christmas cheer by David John  

"Santa's Christmas cheer"

ink and Caran Dache drawing

"It's a funny old world," muses Santa, sniffing at his glass of Chateau Lapland, "during the year I hardly ever drink. Just the occasional beer with the elves when they have one of their quiz nights.

And then on my busiest night of the year, well-meaning parents all over the world leave out a glass of wine, sherry, port, brandy or even vodka for me. And in my profession it's considered rude if you don't take at least a few sips. Sometimes I wish they'd leave some coffee or some mocca ice cream.

By the time I get to Hawaii, which is one of the last stops on my round, I'm already merrier than the law allows. Would hate to get breathalyzed - that would be the end of that, eh?

Good thing the reindeer know their own way home too, since I usually doze off after Honolulu. Cheers!"
  Santa Claus with a glass of Chateau Lapland
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