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Boxhagener Platz, Berlin

annual inter-cultural street festival
Weltfest 2004 Logo
Weltfest 2004

a Taste of Asia

Weltfest theme 2004:
"A Taste of Asia"

logos & animations

© David John 2004-2008
Weltfest 2006 logo animation - Water Means Life
Weltfest at Boxhagener Platz, Berlin. 2006 logo
Weltfest 2006

Wasser heisst Leben - Water means Life

Weltfest theme 2006:
"Wasser heisst Leben"
("Water Means Life")

Weltfest on Boxhagener Platz, Berlin

logo and animation designs 2004-2008

Annual street festival - a platform for inter-cultural dialogue,
particularly in the context of world development politics.

• website planning, concept & design

• graphic design, image and text editing, animation, programming

• maintenance and news updates

• logo, photography, street plan, graphics

• posters, flyers, press ads, T-shirts

See also the Weltfest website designed by David John.
  Weltfest 2006 logo
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