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My Favourite Planet

the online travel guide


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© David John 2008
My Favourite Planet, the international travel guide
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My Favourite Planet

the online travel guide   my-favourite-planet.com

My Favourite Planet grew from the website you are now looking at. Having spent many hundreds of hours taking and editing massive amounts of travel photos and writing articles to accompany them, I soon realized that all this material would need its own website.

In 2007, Encouraged by friends, particularly Peter Hinze, I began developing the travel guide website. After experimenting with various concepts, layouts and names for the project, I launched the first version of My Favourite Planet at the end of 2008. Within a year I had already published nearly 1000 pages of photos and information about 13 destinations in 4 countries. We have now accumulated material for more than 100 locations in over 15 countries, and are editing and preparing it for publication. Stay tuned ...

Other features of My Favourite Planet include two blogs:

Edwin Drood's Column and The Cheshire Cat Blog.

The website also contains many illustrations, graphics and maps.
  My Favourite Planet logo
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