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"Horse racing,
the sport of kings"

newspaper feature
article illustration

ink and Letratone

© David John 1985
Horse racing, the sport of kings by David John  

"Horse racing, the sport of kings"

newspaper article illustration, ink and Letratone

According to the article, horse racing should more aptly be named "the sport of sheiks", given the domination of wealthy Arab racehorse owners in this expensive and lucrative pastime.

Once again I turned the tables on the relationship between humans and animals, and have the real star of the show, a fine Arab thoroughbred, enjoying the fruits of his success. He stays cool with a drink and a cigar while humans run at breakneck speed around a track.

I didn't show the humans, that could have got me - and the horse - into all kinds of trouble. I'll leave you to imagine them.
  A horse, is a horse, of course, of course
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