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Carlo Domeniconi

composer and guitarist


poster design for
a concert series

photography and
poster design

© David John 2009
Carlo Domeniconi poster design  

That's showbiz - poster designs

The first assignment I ever had as a graphic artist was to design a poster for a school play, Synge's The Playboy of the Western World. Since then I've been involved in the world of theatre, music and performance, onstage, backstage and even under the stage (don't ask). I have acted, sung, danced, written, directed, produced and stage managed for all kinds of productions. As a designer, I have designed and built sets, stages and props as well as producing posters, postcards, programmes, flyers, T-shirts...

All too often, the publicity is the last thing theatre directors consider, especially when scheduling and budgeting. This usually means that the graphic designer has to work very quickly for little money. So what's new?

On the other hand, if the designer is brought in early enough it can be exciting and rewarding to read a script, watch as the production evolves through the rehearsals, produce a poster which hopefully captures the right spirit, then see the whole thing come together on the first night. Pure magic.

Carlo Domeniconi, composer and guitarist

poster design for a concert series

photography and poster design © David John 2009

Since 2004 I have been designing the CD covers for the Italian composer and guitarist Carlo Domeniconi's Selected Works series. At the time of writing (December 2019) the eighth of a projected total of 16 CDs is nearing completion.

During this long-term project I have photographed the composer a number of times for the CD covers and posters for his concerts.

See Carlo Domeniconi's offical website: carlo-domeniconi.com
  Carlo Domeniconi, composer and guitarist
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