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Sabine Schubert + Adina Hammoud (=Weltfest), Mark Engelhardt, Alan Blim, Sebastian Zukunft, Carlo Domeniconi, Daniela Koch,
Birgit Hering, Edwin Drood, Bärbel Höhmann, Rue Bunte
Hugh Featherstone - musician, songwriter, guitarist My Favourite Planet, the online world travel guide Cocktail Kombinat Berlin - cocktail and barista service, event catering Unserbodenpersonal - Eurythmy courses and performances in Berlin Rue Bunte - arts and events location, Berlin Carlo Domeniconi, composer and guitarist Zukunft Und Die Lichter - acoustic pop music trio from Berlin Goldmusik - fresh music from Berlin Theater Bunte Büchse Berlin Weltfest - world festival in Berlin, live music, theatre, festival for children, migration politics The artist Francis Caruso