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This painting, which is in the Blyth collection, Belgium, was used by Hugh Featherstone's band Red Shift for the cover of their CD "West of Eden" (Struts & Frets 1993).

"The allegorical painting "Eden" concerns the possession and administration of data and the power it presents within the context of "an almost holy civil service".

The world of 20th century Adam, a middle-aged bureaucrat, and his shadowy but indispensible secretary Eve is shown as a cosy yet "warped and claustrophobic" realm where facts are gathered and processed hermetically for their own sake.

She embraces the tree of knowledge in the form of a filing cabinet while he "farms" the ordered little paradise of his desk. The snake-like ambiguity of Adam's left hand suggests a certain discrete cupidity. The pillars of conformity hold up the heaven of retirement and a good pension."

(Quote from CD inlay notes)
"Eden" by Edward Povey
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The painting on the cover of Red Shift's CD "West of Eden".
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