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An exploration of the future of mobile communication
The website "Daten am Ort" ("Bytes on Location") was written and designed by the young German architect Aram Bartholl, and translated into English by David John.

The work explores the potential applications of mobile communication technologies as they relate to the spaces in which we live, work or even just pass through.

How can I quickly access information in a strange city? Where am I? Where is the nearest pharmacy? Where is my wife right now? With the new generations of mobile communication devices and computer information networks it will be possible to find out in the very near future. But this also has its downside:

"The boss will want to know exactly where to find his employees. In relationships, infidelity could be easily proved. Naturally... there will also be viruses which threaten sensitive private data."

Aram covers the technical, geographical and human possibilities with a clear writing style, illustrated by equally clear interactive Flash animations and graphics.
Winner of the "Browserday" competition 2001

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