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Some of our clients past & present. Future clients are welcome to contact us as soon as time allows.
commercial /industrial

Restauration Festung Königstein
HT Troplast AG
Addinol Lube Oil GmbH
EKO Stahl GmbH
Insider Tour
Highway Travel
Ikebana Crafts
Puza Fashion Design
One World Books
Neue Visionen Filmverleih
Sisters Keramikmalstudio & Coffee Bar
Magic Island Rave
Druckerei Bunter Hund
be cre8tiv Veranstaltungsservice
Cocktail Kombinat Berlin
Altes Delphi event location
Froesch KG logistics
Zukunftspartner GbR, legal practice


Merlin Creativ-Management GmbH
Netwaves GmbH
K E & P Partners in Communication
Athens Star (daily newspaper)
Aetos Publishing
The Athenian Magazine
Attiki Advertising Co.
Collins Educational Publishing
Company Store Press
Ena Magazine
OSF Neue Medien GmbH & Co Kg
Greece: The Economic Outlook
Mechanorganissi (computer magazine)
30 Days Magazine
Touristiki Etaireia (travel guide publisher)
Free Press (press agency)
Whittakers (book publisher)
Michael Peters Design Group

Amnesty International
Disablement Income Group
London Docklands Development Corp.
Southwark Education
Southwark Arts & Leisure
Inner London Education Authority
University College of Wales
Humboldt University Berlin
Arbeitskreis kritische Juristen
Arbeitskreis Medienpädagogik e.V.
Werketage e.V.
Weltfest am Boxhagener Platz
(SONED e.V. & GSE e.V.)
Unser Bodenpersonal


Oval House Theatre
Up Club/Rising Productions
Cockpit Theatre
Floorboards Theatre
Café Theatre
Roundhouse Theatre
Nucleo Eclectico Theater
Theater Dock
Keyhole Kate's Magic Theatre
Theatre Gwynedd
Green Room Theatre
Rostra Theatre Group
Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin
Mask Theatre
Edinburgh Festival
Royal Court Theatre
South London Theatre
YUCK (Youthful Union for Cultural Kudos)
Ouranio Toxo Cabaret Theatre
Nosebag Productions
Cabaret at the Copper
Theater Friends of Italian Opera
Berliner Grundtheater
Out To Lunch Theater
Blim Productions
Theater Bunte Büchse
Birgit Hering
Teatro Trono, Bolivia
Rue Bunte Künstlerhof

Rock Against Racism
Marquee Club
Reading Festival
Happening Concert Promotion
Friendly Bombs
Hugh Featherstone
Struts & Frets Music/
Polygram Records
Best Foot Band
Ed Povey
Werner Haupt
Jürgen Kirsch
Strings Like Wings
Hot Water
The Inadequates
The Plastic Jesus Tour
Dick Dick & The Dicks
Gold / goldmusik
Sebastian Zukunft
Zukunft und die Lichter
Carlo Domeniconi
edition ex tempore

fine art

Francis William Caruso
Tra Bouscaren
Samuel Wiesemann
Wolfgang Zahn
Cyrill Tobias
Lisa Diener
Peter McLean
Ulrika Markert
Across the Bridge, New York
David John - artist, photographer and graphic designer in Berlin
Hugh Featherstone - musician, songwriter, guitarist My Favourite Planet, the online world travel guide Cocktail Kombinat Berlin - cocktail and barista service, event catering Unserbodenpersonal - Eurythmy courses and performances in Berlin Rue Bunte - arts and events location, Berlin Carlo Domeniconi, composer and guitarist Zukunft Und Die Lichter - acoustic pop music trio from Berlin Goldmusik - fresh music from Berlin Theater Bunte Büchse Berlin Weltfest - world festival in Berlin, live music, theatre, festival for children, migration politics The artist Francis Caruso