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Changes at davidjohnberlin.com

Ursa Major Design, the creative constellation in Berlin

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My Favourite Planet - the online travel guide

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  davidjohnberlin.com started life in 2003, continuing on from its predecessor dadada-design which went back to 1998, showcasing the art, design, photography and writing of David John in Berlin.

This website is currently being redesigned, and the new version will be online from May 2010. All your old favourites are still here, although the structure and page names have changed.

Some of David John's more recent commissioned design work can be seen at ursa-major.de, which mostly features his commercial work. This allows davidjohnberlin.com to concentrate on his more "arty" creative output.

An exciting new project My Favourite Planet is an online travel guide which features some of David John's travel writing and photography. This is a BIG, long-term project and it will take some time before even a fraction of the content gets online. The work continues...

The Quick Links below will take you directly to some of the websites designed by David John, which we hope you find interesting and rewarding. Click and enjoy - you only live once. For those who believe in reincarnation, recent studies have proved that lemurs have almost as many problems with Windows as humans.

As ever, thanks for your interest and feedback. Keep it coming.

David John, Berlin May 2010
David John - artist, photographer and graphic designer in Berlin
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